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Cornerstone Integrated Liberal Arts

This guide highlights the Cornerstone program, e-library, and Reading Room.

Foundations of the Research Process Video Series

Foundations of the Research Process is a video series created by the Purdue University Libraries and School of Information Studies in conjunction with faculty from the Cornerstone Liberal Arts program. Here you will find brief videos on foundational aspects of conducting research—from the conception of a research topic, to searching the Purdue Libraries’ catalog, to fully citing other scholarship in your research. Feel free to watch the videos as a complete series, or view select videos to help you with a particular research skill needed for a course assignment or other research endeavor. 

Each of the modules are available on this guide using the navigation menu or the quick links below. This series is also available in Kaltura Mediaspace.

For additional questions or help with conducting research, please reach out to a librarian by visiting the Ask a Librarian website.