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Searching for Photos in the Purdue Archives

How to search for photos in the Archives

How to Submit a Photo Request

Patrons may request images that are in digital format from our e-Archives or images that are in physical format and will require scanning. Before making any photo requests, please read our Permissions and Reproductions web page to learn about our policies regarding usage and copyright, along with any fees that may be associated with scanning or usage of the photos. Below are some tips that may be helpful when making requests

Digital photos from e-Archives

You may request high resolution copies of any of the photos found in e-Archives by using the request form found on the Permissions and Reproductions webpage.

Be sure to fill out the form as fully as possible.
Include the item ID number in the required field. The ID Number can be found under the photo at the top of the records. The length and formats of ID numbers vary from photo to photo. Click the image below to see an example of an item ID number.
Photo description record

Photos in physical or digital format but not in e-Archives
The majority of photos that we have are not in e-Archives and may require you to work with a staff member to identify and submit the request. You may have come across photos while looking at physical collections in the reading room or a staff member may have found some for you. In either case, you will need to make a request using the request form on the Permissions and Reproduction web page in order to have the image scanned and sent to you. The staff member that worked with you will inform you of any important identifying information that you should include in your request which may be helpful to the digital archivist who will fulfill your request. For photos that are not yet included in e-Archives, enter “0000” in the ID number field, which is a required field.

How long will it take to fill the request?

The time needed to locate an image and then receive a reproduction depends upon the several factors. In cases where the item has been digitized and is available online, the process can take a three to five business days. In cases where a search through physical collections is needed the process may take several days or weeks. The number of items requested as well as the physical characteristics of items—in the case of items requiring new digitization efforts—will impact the length of time needed to complete a request. Finally, persons who wish to publish reproductions should allow for additional time to complete their request.