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Searching for Photos in the Purdue Archives

How to search for photos in the Archives

Scrapbooks and Photo Albums

Scrapbooks and photo albums provide a unique window into the college experience of students from the past.  Students and alumni often compiled these to document their activities and preserve their memories of their time at college.  They document traditions, events, and student life in a way that traditional archival resources do not.  Faculty and administrative units also compiled scrapbooks to document their work, events, and other observations of their time.  Scrapbooks often contain newspaper clippings, invitations, dance cards, ephemera, and photographs.  The scrapbooks listed below were selected because they have a significant number of photographs and should not be overlooked when searching for photos.

Collections with notable photograph portions

Collections may become a part of the archives through private donations of students, alumni, or the general public, or they may be university records transferred to the archives from the originating department.  They can combine any type of materials, including manuscripts, records, photographs, artifacts, publications, and digital files, just to name a few.  The collections listed below have been highlighted because they have a significant collection of photographs along with other types of material formats.