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Searching for Photos in the Purdue Archives

How to search for photos in the Archives

Large Photo Collections

Tips for Searching Physical Collections

Photographs are located in many of our physical collections and are often not individually listed. However, collection records may have various subject tags that indicate that the collection contains photographs. You can start a search of our collections database from scratch, or you can use this custom search, which searches all collections that contain photographic mediums as a subject heading. From there, you can refine your search to include additional keywords to focus your search. View the two images below to see how the custom search works and how to edit it.

Search all record types

You can refine the search by clicking the "+" to add search criteria, such as a subject or medium format.  Use the "and" operator to include topics.  The example below searches for collections with photos and University Hall as a keyword in the record.  You can narrow that search term by date range if you desire.  

Search text box with boolean AND