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Veterinary Nursing Resources

A guide for veterinary nursing students at Purdue University.

Resources on this Guide

Basics of Veterinary Literature
Ready to begin researching your learning issues? Where should you start? Review the types of information sources available in veterinary medicine.

Medical Terminology - Talk the Talk 101
Introduction to the basics of medical terms. Includes a reference list of web sites and books on medical terminology.

Medical Terminology - Talk the Talk 201
The -Ologies of Science & Medicine. Learn to recognize and pronounce the medical disciplines you will encounter in veterinary medicine. Links to online dictionaries.

Searching for Journal Articles in Veterinary Medicine
A handout on the basics of searching for journal articles in veterinary technology, including further training materials and a brief summary on evaluating web resources.

ABCs of Evaluating Websites
Tips on checking the credibility/quality of information on the Internet.

Article Databases