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Research: Overview & Approaches

Resources for Undergraduate Research

Why Use a Citation Management Tool?

As you are conducting research, you will quickly realize that you have collected a ton of information from different places. Not having a strategy or mechanism for keeping track and organizing your sources in a way that makes sense for you can make conducting research trickier than it needs to be. Explore the resources below to recognize the value of different citation management tools and identify a tool that will work for you!

Introduction to Citation Software & Managers

Data & Document Management

Citation Management

Collecting and organizing relevant literature is an important step in the process of scholarly publication. There are many ways to collect the results of literature searching, ranging from piles of paper (not recommended!) to organizing everything electronically.  Within that range, you can find or craft a solution that works well for you.

Purdue Libraries provides support for several citation managers, including EndNote (desktop, $) and EndNote Basic (web-based, free). See the resources below for more information.