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Refinitiv Workspace

Includes information on registering for a Workspace account, accessing Datastream, and installing the Workspace desktop app.

Request Datastream Access

In order to request Datastream access, you must have a Workspace account.

To request Datastream access, email to let library staff know that you would like to have access to Datastream. Library staff will contact you via email when the Datastream permission has been added to your account, after which you will need to install the Workspace desktop app on your computer in order to take advantage of the Datastream Microsoft Excel plug-in.

If you have previously downloaded the Workspace desktop app, you will need to uninstall and reinstall the program after receiving confirmation from library staff that Datastream permissions have been added to the account. This will allow you to access the Datastream plug-in.

Please note that the number of Datastream licenses is limited and may only be granted to faculty, PhD/grad students, and those working directly with faculty on research projects. Licenses may be removed at any time due to inactivity.