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Refinitiv Workspace

An overview of Refinitiv products at Purdue

Refinitiv Datastream

  • You first need a Refinitiv Workspace account - if you do not, register with a Purdue West Lafayette email address
  • Email to request Refinitiv Datastream access
  • Library staff will contact you via email when extra permissions have been added to your Refinitiv account
  • When you have been granted permissions, you can search or browse Datastream datasets:
    • Via Refinitiv web access:
      • In the main search box, type Datastream Chart Studio or DSCHART
      • Hover over the arrow next to any data series name
      • Select "Find New Series" from the pop-up menu; this takes you to Datastream Navigator
      • Within Datastream Navigator, enter your search terms or begin to browse by data category
    • Via Refinitiv Workspace for desktop and its accompanying Excel Add-In
      • The Excel Add-In appears as a "Refinitv" tab within the Excel ribbon after installation of Refinitiv Workspace for desktop
      • Select the "Datastream Formula" button to search and browse datasets

Please note that the number of Datastream licenses is limited and may only be granted to faculty, graduate students, and those working directly with faculty on research projects. Licenses may be removed at any time due to inactivity.

Download Limits

When using the Excel Add-In:

  • 30,000 values per download request
  • 2,000 values per download request are suggested for historical data instrument codes. An instrument code is a unique Refinitiv identifier that designates, for example, a specific 10-year bond, an equity, etc.