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Refinitiv Workspace

Includes information on registering for a Workspace account, accessing Datastream, and installing the Workspace desktop app.

Desktop App

Workspace software can be installed on your Windows or Mac PC by downloading the software and installing it on your PC. To run the software once it is installed on your PC, you will need to use the username and password you used to set up your Workspace account. In particular, installing the desktop based software will enable you to use the Microsoft Excel plugin for Datastream. The plugin should appear in Excel under the "Refnitiv" tab once the software has been installed on your PC.

Account Registration

To access Datastream*, Thomson One Banker, Mergers & Acquisitions, or VentureXpert Web, you'll need to create a Refinitiv Workspace account using the form using the self registration link below. 

Once your account has been created, you should be able to log into the Workspace platform.

*Those wanting access to Datastream data will need to Request Datastream Access, in addition to registering for a Workspace account.