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POL 491C Senior Seminar the Presidency: POL 491C Senior Seminar: The Presidency

POL 491C Senior Seminar the Presidency

POL 491

POL 491C Senior Seminar: The Presidency Library Research Guide and HIST 485 Topics in American Political History:  The American Presidency

Purdue Libraries contain many useful resources for conducting scholarly research on the presidency. These resources are contained in scholarly books and journals, government documents, credible scholarly websites, and various podcasts and webcasts.

Sample searches using the Libraries online catalog using the following Library of Congress Subject Heading (LCSH) searches are a good way to look for books. The following LCSH's are representative samples:

Biden Joseph

Obama Barack Political and Social Views
Presidents United States
Presidents United States Decision making
Presidents United States Staff
Reagan Ronald Political and Social Views

Trump Donald

United States Officials and Employees Selection and Appointment

You can also search for documents written  by presidents by doing author searches in the online catalog e.g. Biden Joseph

Connect HERE for information on downloading Purdue Libraries Ebooks.

Many scholarly publishers produce series of works on Presidents and presidential policy that can be found through title searches in the online catalog e.g.

American Presidency Series (University Press of Kansas)
American Presidential Election Series (University Press of Kansas)
Presidential Rhetoric Series (Texas A&M University Press)

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