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English 106/108: First-Year Composition

This guide has been created for students of English 106 and 108 to help them learn the Libraries' services and get help when they need it.

Purdue Libraries Website

Libraries homepage with search box circled and Ask a Librarian and Subject guides pointed out.

At first glance, the Libraries homepage may be overwhelming, so this is what's most important.

  1. The search box: using the drop downs on the left you can search for books, movies and articles, both online and in print
  2. Library Guides: these are guides created by librarians to help you with assignments (like this one)
  3. Ask a Librarian chat service: type in your question and get real-time help from Purdue Libraries

Subject Libraries and Librarians

Which libraries at Purdue cover which subjects?

Each of the Purdue libraries is devoted to a specific subject area. You can find out more about what subject area a specific library covers by selecting it from the drop down menu on the Libraries home page. Each library has its own home page that will include information about its collections, services, research help, location and contact info.

screen shot of Libraries website showing list of libraries

For help locating a Purdue library, refer to the Libraries' map.

How to find a subject librarian?

For every course you will ever take at Purdue, there is a subject librarian you can consult on such things as choosing a topic and finding sources. To find a subject librarian, click on "Help" from the navigation menu the top of the page, then select "Librarians by Subject." 

screen shot of help menu

Screen capture of Libraries Faculty by Subject list.