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English 106/108: Engineering Resources

This guide has been created for students of English 106 and 108 to help them learn the Libraries' services and get help when they need it.

Library of Engineering & Science

ENE Office Hours


Office hours: 1st and 3rd Monday of every month from 4pm to 5pm in Wang 3rd Floor in regular semesters

Email Wei if you have any questions. Meetings can be in Wang 3rd Floor or WALC 3053.

Engineering Research Resources

These databases are places to find the original research behind the popular presentation in magazines and the news. 

Popular Engineering Resources

Finding Popular Scientific Articles

  1. Select a database
  1. Search for materials on your topic
  2. Limit the search by "Source Type"
  • Select "magazine" and "trade publications"

Another Database to use

  1. Search for topic
  2. In the "Source Type" options, click on "more options"
  3. Select "include" for both Trade Publications and Magazines

Meet an Engineering Librarian

Aly Edmondson's picture
Aly Edmondson
WALC 2032M
Library of Engineering & Science
Wilmeth Active Learning Center