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Tech 621: Global Perspectives on Technology : Search Tips

Off Campus Access

Ask A Librarian

1. To get assistance, you can click on Ask A Librarian for a chat or email conversation.

2. Below my image on the Home page, you can select "Schedule Appointment" to set up a research consultation with me.

3. Additionally, the staff and librarians in all of the libraries are always welcome any questions you have. You can even browse by specialty.

Off Campus Access

  • All the library resources available to students on campus are available to students off campus with your Purdue University Login and Password.  
  •  Off-Campus Access guide

Note: If you're Purdue Login and Password aren't working, go back into the Purdue Libraries website and start your search over (somehow you may have gotten out of our Library system).  

Google Scholar

  • When searching scholarly articles through Google Scholar, make sure you are connected to the Purdue Libraries for any articles the Libraries has in full-text. Google Scholar is not a way to search the Purdue Libraries, but if we have full text articles that come up in a Google Scholar search, you will have access to them. Scroll down to the page for the directions on how to connect Google Scholar to the Purdue Libraries here.


Evaluating Information

Manage Your Research

Citation management tools help you track and organize the articles you are gathering for your research. Citation management tools also generate in-text citations and references when you connect them to your word processing software of choice, such as Word. They also allow for sharing documents across collaborations.  NOTE: In-text citation and reference errors do occasionally occur with citation managers, so always check your citations and references.

Below are two popular, free citation managers, but are only two among others, such as EndNote.