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HIST 306 Technology & War in U.S. History: U.S. Government and Military Resources

This guide provides links to Purdue libraries databases and government and military information resources for the Spring 2019 class taught by Professor Mary Mitchell.

U.S. Government and Military Resources

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (Search Patents 1976-present).   Full text available from 1976-present some pre-1976 images available. See Prof. Dave Zwicky at the WALC for expert assistance on searching for patents.

Defense Dept. Policy Documents  (Contains DOD policy documents implementing laws and executive orders)

Director, Dept. of Defense Office of Operational Test and Evaluation (Issues annual reports on the operational performance of military weapons systems from 1999-present..

FedBizOpps  (Database providing information on current U.S. Government contract opportunities including those on military technology)

ProQuest Congressional (Provides access to historic and recent U.S. government, military, and congressional publications dealing with military technology. KEY DATABASE

National Defense University (NDU) Press Technology and Innovation (National Defense University in Washington, DC is a professional military educational institution covering various military policy and international security topics)

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) (Defense Dept. agency supporting defense technology advances since 1957)

Defense Science Board (Established in 1956, this Independent board advising the Defense Dept. on science and technology matters)

Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) (Provides access to defense-related literature on technology and other subjects from various sources including individual armed service branches listed below)

Air Force Scientific Advisory Board (1944-present)

Army Science Board (1951-present)

Naval Research Advisory Committee (1946-present but has historical origins dating back to 1863)

Dept.of Defense Defense Industrial Policy (Defense Dept. organization responsible for ensuring the U.S. has the industrial capabilities to meet its warfighting requirements)

Congressional Resources

The U.S. Congress is responsible for approving new legislation, revising existing legislation, funding government military technology programs, and conducting oversight of these program's performance.  Numerous congressional committees and support agencies produce information and data on these programs including:

House Armed Services Committee (Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) is a member of this committee. The Army's Tactical Network Modernization Strategy is a transcript of an Sept. 27, 2017 hearing.

Senate Armed Services Committee 

Procurement, Acquisition, Testing, and Oversight of the Navy's Gerald R. Ford Carrier Aircraft Carrier Program is the transcript of a an Oct. 1, 2015 hearing.

Congressional Budget Office (CBO)-(1975-present.  Advises Congress on the federal budget, makes costs estimates on legislation reported by congressional committees, and analyzes budgetary implications of federal programs)
Congressional Research Service (CRS)  i.e. Cluster Munitions:  Background and Issues for Congress (Jan. 7, 2019 report)
Government Accountability Office (GAO)   Issues reports on management performance of government programs.

Check the Hathitrust Catalog for older editions of reports produced by these organizations


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