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ENTM 228: Introduction

Provides information on conducting credible scholarly research for various sections of ENTM 228 dealing with Forensic Investigation, Forensic Analysis, and Forensic Testimony


Purdue Libraries have numerous resources for finding scholarly information for various sections of ENTM 228.  This guide will provide access to these resources and information on conducting scholarly research.

How to Read a Scientific Paper-Purdue Libraries Tutorial

Is This Article Scholarly-Purdue Libraries YouTube Video

Selecting Information-Purdue Libraries YouTube Video

Creating an Effective Search Strategy-Purdue Libraries YouTube Video

Using the Purdue Libraries website to find materials

Elsevier Description of Peer Review Process-Elsevier is a major international publisher of scholarly journals in multiple subjects.

Online Writing Lab (OWL)-Purdue resource providing information on writing and citation. OWL guide to APA Citation format

Purdue Libraries Interlibrary Loan-Obtain access to journal articles, books, and other resources not available at Purdue.

Selected journal article databases

These are some of the many Purdue Libraries databases providing access to scholarly journal articles for these courses

Academic Search Premier-Database providing access to numerous scholarly articles from a variety of disciplines.
ProQuest Research Library-Another major database providing access to many scholarly articles from multiple disciplines.

NexisUni-Provides access to news, business, and legal resources including court case opinions and law review journal articles

CRCNet  Select Forensic Net or Law Enforcement net to access CRC Press books on these subjects

Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciences (2013) Jay Sekko, Pekka Saukko, Max Hauck. (Purdue Users Only)

Leading Forensic Science Journals
Journal of Forensic Sciences

Forensic Science International
Journal of Legal Medicine
Australian Journal of Forensic Science

Expert Witness:  Effective Courtroom Testimony (2010 article from Forensic Magazine)

Citation Sources

Numerous databases can be used to determine how frequently scholars and scholarly works are cited in scholarly literature.  Examples include:

Google Scholar


Web of Science

Additional Sources
Advice on Government Testimony (Eugene Spafford-Purdue Computer Science Professor)






Subject Specialist