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ENTM 228: Government Information Resources

Provides information on conducting credible scholarly research for various sections of ENTM 228 dealing with Forensic Investigation, Forensic Analysis, and Forensic Testimony

Government Information Resources

Numerous government information resources from the U.S. Government, Indiana state government, and selected foreign governments can also be useful sources for Forensic Science students.  Examples include:

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
Federal Rules of Evidence  (All three of these publications are produced by the House Judiciary Committee and cover federal court cases)

FBI Laboratory Services

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Forensic Science-Contains technical guidance from this Commerce Dept. agency.
National Commission on Forensic Science (2013-2017)

Forensic Science in Criminal Courts:  Ensuring Scientific Validity of Feature-Comparisoned Models (2016 report by Obama Administration's President's Council on Science & Technology (PCAST)  FBI Response to this report.

Forensic Science and Forensic Evidence I (January 2017 U.S. Attorneys Bulletin issue on these subjects.  U.S. Attorneys are responsible for prosecuting federal civil and criminal cases.

Moves Activities Activities Updates Using Fleet DNA Data:  Interim Report  2019 report by Energy Dept's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Occupational Outlook Handbook-Forensic Science Technicians (This annual Bureau of Labor Statistics report gives information on employment conditions and trends)

Strengthening Forensic Science in the United States (2009 National Academies report)

To Examine the State of Forensic Science in the U.S. (March 28, 2017 House Judiciary Committee hearing)

DNA Evidence:  DOJ Should Improve Performance Measurement and Properly Design Controls for Nationwide Grant Program (2018 Govt. Accountability Office report for Congress)

Public Law 115-257 An Act to Amend the DNA Analysis Backlog Elimination Act to Provide Additional Resources to State and Local Prosecutors (2018 federal law)

Indiana State Police

Indiana State Police Laboratory

Evidence Protocols and Forms

e.g. Physical Evidence Bulletin 12 (Shoe & Tire Impressions)

Indiana Rules of Evidence (Used in Indiana local and state courts)

United Kingdom Forensic Science Regulator

Subject Specialist