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Media Collection

This is a quick guide to the media collection available at the Purdue Libraries.

Physical Media Collection

The Purdue Libraries physical media collection is located in the Humanities, Social Science, and Education Library (HSSE) on the first level of the Stacks. It houses over 3,000 DVDs and other items. To see a location map, click the grey  HSSE Library Viewing Areas on the left side this page. 

To discover how to search for media in the Libraries' catalog, click the grey "Finding Media" tab.

Media Viewing Spaces in HSSE

While the first floor is closed for renovation, there are media viewing rooms on the second floor of the Library.  If you need headphones, these can be borrowed using your Purdue ID at the iDesk, which is currently in the center of the second floor (Room 246).


Digital Streaming Collections

Purdue Libraries provides digital streaming collections, including  Kanopy and Ambrose Digital. Follow the link below for more information and access to searchable catalogs of digital streaming titles.

Displaying Media in Classes--Technical Concerns

If you are planning to show a video in the classroom, there are several possible complications that can arise due to the copyright protection software some manufacturers and service providers use.  The best way to help avoid possible complications is to test all media in the classroom before using it. 

For more information, please click on the link below:

If you need further assistance, please contact Purdue IT.