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Media Collection: Home

Digital Streaming Collections

Purdue Libraries provides digital streaming collections, including  Kanopy and Ambrose Digital. Follow the link below for more information and access to searchable catalogs of digital streaming titles.

Physical Media Collection

The Purdue Libraries physical media collection is located in the Humanities, Social Science, and Education Library (HSSE) on the second floor. It houses over 5,000 items of DVDs, VHS tapes, CDs, and other items. To see a location map, click the grey  'HSSE Library Viewing Areas' tab near the top of this page. 

To discover how to search for media in the Libraries' catalog, click the  grey "Finding Media" tab.

Media Scheduling for physical items

Media items in Purdue's collection may be placed on a media scheduling hold by Purdue faculty, instructors, and staff.

Professors/ instructors simply fill out a web form to request that media items be pulled and placed behind the HSSE circulation desk for easy retrieval for classroom showings. Click the link below and fill out the form to request individual items. 

Media Viewing Spaces in HSSE

In addition to the ITaP computers on the first floor of the HSSE Library (all of which can play DVDs), we have four locations on the second floor for individuals and groups to view media items.

First and second floor media viewing spaces:

  • Group Study room 236 - contains a media cart with a region free DVD player and VHS player, fits groups of up to eight people, available by reservation:
  • Group Study room 237- contains a media cart with a region free DVD player and VHS player; fits groups of up to five people
  • Media Viewing Space 3- located in the media area at the south end; one monitor and a DVD/VHS player; for individual use
  • Media Viewing Space 4- located in the media area at the south end; a monitor with embedded DVD player; for individual use 
  • Media Viewing Carrels 5-6- located right outside of room 242; a double sided carrel desk; each side contains a monitor with an embedded DVD player; for individual use


Be on the lookout for updates regarding increases to our media viewing space.  


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Displaying Media in Classes--Technical Concerns

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