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PHIL 260 Philosophy of Law: Philosophy of Law

Provides access to governmental and commercial information resources dealing with U.S. legal philosophy and finding case, statutory, and administrative law.

Philosophy of Law

Purdue Libraries provides access to many information resources dealing with legal philosophy.  These materials can be found through searching the Purdue Libraries online catalog, various databases, federal and state court cases, laws, regulations, and numerous government information resources.

Examples of subject searches you can do in the Purdue Libraries online catalog to find relevant print and digital works include:


  • NexisUni (Provides access to federal court opinions from 1789-present, state court opinions from the year the state entered the union, federal and state laws, law review articles from 1982-present, and newspaper articles.)(Purdue Users Only)
  • Journal Storage (JSTOR) (Provides access to historic journal articles in a variety of subjects including law.  Will not feature material newer than foyr years old.)(Purdue Users Only)
  • Google Scholar (Find scholarly articles on multiple subjects and information on who has cited these articles.)
  • GovInfo  (This U.S. Govt. Publishing Office resource provides access to federal legal, legislative, and regulatory information resources    from 1994-present)
  • Public Laws (1995-present.  Contains the text of public laws as passed by Congress and signed by the President)
  • United States Code (Contains the codified text of U.S. laws broken into 51 different titles/subject areas).
  • Indiana Code (Contains the codified text of Indiana State laws broken down into 36 different titles/subject areas)

Subject Specialist