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POL 491 NIMBYism at Home and Abroad: Journal Articles and Databases

Provides access to scholarly and governmental resources on the environmental politics and policy phenomenon known as Not in My Backyard (NIMBY)

Journal Articles & Databases

Purdue Libraries have many journal articles on topics for this class which are accessible through a variety of databases.  Examples of these databases include:

Academic Search Premier (Indexes articles from journals in a variety of subjects.)
Associations Unlimited (Provides access to information about U.S. and international nongovernment organizations seeking to influence public policy.)

Environmental Health Perspectives(Journal published by the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services.)
Environmental Law Reporter(Contains articles, treaties, and court decisions about environmental law
Global Resources on Energy and the Environment (GreenR) (Covers various environmental policy topics.)

NexisUni (Provides U.S. and international articles, U.S. state and federal court legal opinions, and some foreign government and international court legal opinions.)
PAIS International (Contains political science journal articles,  some U.S. Government documents, and public policy research institution reports.)
Press Display (Contains articles in 1,700 newspapers from 92 countries with a 90 day archive.)
ProQuest Environmental Abstracts(Provides access to journal articles, news, and state and federal environmental laws.)
Worldwide Political Science Abstracts (Articles from political science journals.)

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