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Foundations of Research and Evidence-Based Practice: Statistical Resources

Statistical Resources

Relative risk, relative and absolute risk reduction, number needed to treat and confidence intervals 
- A short article about relative risk (RR), absolute risk reduction (ARR), and relative risk reduction (RRR)

Understanding Hazard Ratio
- A short PPT from Epiphany Partners Inc.  

What are hazard ratios?
- A short article about hazard ratio with examples (author: Martin Duerden).

Glossary index, re: odds and odds ratio
- See the definition of research terms (e.g., odds and odds ratios) with link to examples in this webpage.  

Common mistakes in using statistics 
- Click the links in this webpage to see each topic.  Follow the link to view specific topic. Scroll down to view "Suggestions for reading research involving statistics"

Exploratory Factor Analysis
- A text-based presentation about exploratory factor analysis (EFA)