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NUR 22301: Foundations of Research and Evidence-Based Practice

Online resources related to the Foundations of Research and Evidence-Based Practice

Search Google Scholar

Use the search box below to search Google Scholar. If you're off-campus, click for info on setting your Google Scholar preferences to link to the Purdue Libraries online collections.

Google Scholar Search

Short Tutorials

Search Articles

Search articles in Purdue Libraries databases:

  1. Select "Articles" from the drop down menu.
  2. In the search box, enter the article title.
  3. Click "Search"

EBSCOhost Databases Relevant to Nursing

You may search several databases simultaneously when you are in EBSCOhost.  Click the "Choose Databases". Place mouse over the icon next to the name of the database to view information about the dataase. Select the databases you want to search and click “OK”.

PubMed database

Connect PubMed database through Purdue Libraries: go to http://lib.purdue.eduMouse over “FIND” and choose “Databases”.  At “Search by Database Title”, enter “pubmed” and click “Search”. Choose "PubMed". 

Databases re: article's or journal's impact

Database re: Journal Information