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CNIT 499 Seminar in Global Policy Issues: U.S. Government

Provides access to governmental and scholarly resources for conducting U.S. and international public policy research.

U.S. Government


General Reference

CIA World Factbook (Annual publication providing quick reference information and maps of foreign countries.
U.S. Government Manual (Annual directory of U.S Government agencies)
Statistical Abstract of the United States (Annual Census Bureau statistical compendium including government and non-government statistics.)
Current Statistical Abstract (Purdue Users Only)


Bureau of Economic Analysis (Commerce Dept. entity providing economic analysis and statistics covering topics such as consumer spending, gross domestic product, industries, and personal spending).
Bureau of Labor Statistics (Labor Dept. entity providing statistics on compensation, employment, prices, unemployment, and regional market economic conditions.)
Census Bureau (Provides economic and demographic statistics on a wide variety of subjects:  housing, international trade, poverty) (Portal for access to government consumer protection information resources from agencies such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Consumer Protection Financial Board, Federal Trade Commission.)
Economic Research Service (Agriculture Dept. division analyzing agricultural economic trends and developments)
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Open Internet/Net Neutrality resources.
FCC Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 Congressional Budget Request 
Federal Reserve Board (Features information and statistics on banking, consumer protection,fiscal and monetary policy, interest rates, and reports on regional economic conditions from Federal Reserve system banks.)
Foreign Agricultural Service (Agriculture Dept. division analyzing agriculture trends and developments in other countries and seeking to promote U.S. agricultural exports.)
Internal Revenue Service Tax Statistics (Features statistics and analysis on U.S. taxes, taxpayers, tax policy, and tax rates.)
National Agricultural Statistics Service (Agriculture Dept. division documenting the U.S.' agricultural economic output including individual agricultural sectors)
U.S. Dept. of Education STEM resources (Describes this Department's STEM programs and provides information on other agency STEM programs.)

Energy & Environment

Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA-E) (Energy Dept. agency seeking to promote technological innovation and transformational thinking in energy research.
DOE Energy Bridge (Repository of energy policy related research from 1991-present)
Energy Information Administration (EIA)-(Energy Dept. statistical division providing research and analysis of U.S. and international energy trends and developments.)

World Oil Transit Chokepoints (EIA resource describing global oil transit chokepoints and how they can affect other aspects of the international supply chain.)
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-(Leading U.S.environmental policymaking agency)

EPA Climate Change Resources
Local Climatological Data (U.S.)-
Provides current and historic U.S. weather condition data throughout the country.)
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)-(Energy Dept. laboratory seeking to advance renewable energy & energy efficiency technologies from concept to commercial application.  Produces research in areas such as biomass, electric infrastructure, geothermals, solar energy, and wind energy.)

State Dept. Bureau of Oceans, International Environmental, & Scientific Affairs (Office coordinating U.S. foreign policy interactions in these areas.)
State Dept. Special Envoy for Climate Change (Office directing U.S. climate change policy and interaction with other nations on this subject)
State Dept. Undersecretary for Economic Growth, Energy, & the Environment

Tides and Currents-Provides tidal and ocean current data from the Commerce Dept's National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
U.S. Geological Survey (Interior Dept. agency responsible for analyzing, exploring, and quantifying U.S. and international mineral resources in their annual Minerals Yearbooks)


Census Bureau Health Insurance Resources
Center for Drug Evaluation & Research (Food & Drug Administration (FDA) agency responsible for approving pharmaceutical drugs.)
Centers for Disease Control (Analyzes and documents U.S. and international health trends and developments including those focusing on individual diseases.)
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (Administers these federal entitlement programs and provides statistics on their cost.) (Registry and results database of publicly and privately supported clinical trials involving human subjects internationally.)
Drug Discovery at the National Cancer Institute (Describes this agency's drug discovery process.)
Food & Drug Administration (This agency is responsible for areas as varied as food safety, pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, medical devices, & cosmetics).
Food Safety & International Markets (USDA Economic Research Service documentation on these international trade issues.) (Data resources from the Dept. of Health & Human Services.)
National Center for Health Statistics (U.S. Government's health care statistical agency)
National Institute of Health congressional budget requests)

National & International Security

Bureau of Industry & Security (BIS) (Commerce Dept. agency seeking to advance U.S. national security, foreign policy, & economic objectives by ensuring an effective U.S. export control system and promoting national strategic technology leadership.)
Defense Dept. Publications (Provides access to regular Defense Dept. reports such as the Annual Report on Chinese Military Power.)
Defense Security Cooperation Agency (Agency responsible for administering and documenting U.S. foreign weapons sales.)
Defense Technology & Security Agency (Agency responsible for administering and implementing Defense Dept. technology security policies on international transfers of defense-related goods, services, & technologies and ensuring that U.S. defense technology interests are preserved without damage to U.S. security interests.)
Defense Threat Reduction Agency (Defense Dept. agency responsible for countering the export of weapons of mass destruction i.e. biological, chemical, nuclear)
DOD Unified Command Plan (Provides access to geographically oriented U.S. military combatant commands such as Central Command (CENTCOM).
Homeland Security Digital Library (Cooperative venture between the Dept. of Homeland Security & Naval Postgraduate School providing access to governmental and non-governmental reports on terrorism, pandemics, emergency planning and response, and related topics.)
Immigration & Customs Enforcement (Homeland Security Dept. agency responsible for protecting U.S. homeland security and public safety by enforcing federal border control, customs, trade, and immigration laws.)
Naval War College Press-Naval War College entity producing work on historical and current naval and maritime issues.
Office of Immigration Statistics (Homeland Security Dept. agency documenting immigration trends and developments.)
State Dept. Bureau of Counterterrorism (Seeks to coordinate U.S. antiterrorism policies internationally.)
State Dept. Bureau of International Security & Nonproliferation
Strategic Studies Institute (U.S. Army War College research center examining military and international affairs topics.)
U.S. Agency for International Development-Agency responsible for non-military U.S. foreign assistance programs. See U.S. Foreign Aid Explorer (Green Book) for detailed figures.


Purdue Libraries Government Information Resource Subject Guides
Purdue Libraries Research Center Links (Links to a global variety of public policy research institutions specializing in varied subjects and representing multiple viewpoints.)

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