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POL 347 Intro to Latin American Politics: United States Government

Provides access to books, journal articles, and government information resources on Latin American Politics

United States Government

Numerous U.S. Government agencies produce information resources documenting economic and political developments in Latin American countries and U.S. relations with and policies toward these countries.  Examples of these resources include:

CIA Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
CIA World Factbook

State Department Fact Sheets
State Department Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs

U.S. Agency for International Development (U.S. Government agency responsible for administering foreign economic assistance.)
U.S. Overseas Loans & Grants (Resource documenting U.S. Government foreign economic assistance.)
USA Trade Online (Census Bureau resource documenting U.S. exports and imports to and from various countries.)

Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA-Agency responsible for promoting U.S. agricultural exports and reporing on agricultural conditions in foreign countries.)
Country Commercial Guides (Commerce Dept. resources providing information on how U.S. companies can do business in these countries)
Energy Information Administration Country Analyses (Energy Dept. statistical branch providing studies on energy reserves and conditions in other countries.)
US Geological Survey Minerals Yearbooks:  International (Provide information on mineral resources and policies of other countries.)
Labor Dept. Bureau of International Labor Affairs (Provides information on labor conditions in other countries.)
National Drug Intelligence Center (Justice Dept. agency providing information about domestic and international drug trafficking. Discontinued 2012)

Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA)(Defense Dept. agency reponsible for coordinating U.S. foreign military assistance & cooperation programs)
National Defense University Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies (Educational and research institute covering the Western Hemisphere)

Latin  America 2020:  Challenges to U.S.  National Security Interests (2020 study by National Defense University)
Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (Educational & training facility for Western Hemisphere civilian, law enforcement, & military personnel)
U.S. Southern Command (SOCOM(Military agency responsible for providing contingency, operational, and security planning for the Caribbean & Latin America.)
U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute (Professional military educational institute analyzing military and international relations topics including regions such as the Western Hemisphere.)

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