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POL 347 Intro to Latin American Politics: International Government Organizations and Latin American National Governments

Provides access to books, journal articles, and government information resources on Latin American Politics

International Government Organizations and Latin American National Governments

Numerous international government organizations and Latin American national governments provide access to resources on economic and governmental policymaking for these countries and this region.  Examples include:

Associations Unlimited (non-governmental)(Provides information about U.S. and international non-government organizations (NGOs) and their activities.

Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) United Nations organization seeking to promote international agricultural development & food security.)

Google Public Data Explorer provides access to many international government organization datasets.

International Monetary Fund (187 member countries seeking to promote global monetary financial cooperation, secure financial stability, and promote international trade and economic growth)See their Government Financial Statistics and International Financial Statistics

OECD ILibrary (Provides access to resources produced by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development whose membership includes Mexico)
Organization of American States (Organization consisting of Western Hemisphere countries from Canada to South America's Southern Cone)

United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America & the Caribbean (ECLAC)

See ECLAC's Databases, Statistics, & Indicators

World Bank (International organization seeking to provide financial and technical assistance to countries around the world) See their World Development Indicators and Database of Political Institutions

Foreign Governments (Purdue Libraries link to foreign governments arranged alphabetically by countries.)


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