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POL 491C Senior Seminar the Presidency: Congressional

POL 491C Senior Seminar the Presidency


Congressional Sources

Congressional hearings are also useful resources for understanding presidential policymaking. These committees are responsible for funding federal programs and conducting oversight on these programs. The CIS Index HSSE Reference 328.73005 C76 is a good source for researching congressional committee publications and the legislative hiostories of laws from 1970-present. Congressional committees since 1975 are cataloged and in the Y 4 section of the first floor of the HSSE periodical stacks. Examples of committees that may conduct oversight of presidential administration documents include:

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee HSSE DOC Y 4.G 74/7
Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee HSSE DOC Y 4.G 74/9
Plum Book (United States Government Policy and Supporting Positions)
House Judiciary Committee
HSSE DOC Y 4.J 89/1
Senate Judiciary Committee HSSE DOC Y 4.J 89/2

ProQuest U.S. Congressional Serial Set (Database featuring historic congressional documents and executive branch reports from 1789-1969.  Provides access to historical editions of the Congressional Record before 1997.)  Connect HERE for access to the Congressional Record from 1994-present.  This resource covers congressional debates, legislation, and votes.  The ProQuest Congressional Database provides access to the Congressional Record and its predecessor publications including the Annals of Congress, Register of Debates, and Congressional Globe.

Congressional Research Service (Courtesy:  University of North Texas Libraries.  Provides objective analysis of public policy issues for members of Congress, congressional committees, and their staff.)

Congressional Research Service (Courtesy:  Library of Congress 2018-present)






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