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POL 300 Introduction to Political Analysis: Journals

POL 300 Introduction to Political Analysis


Periodicals-Most will be in HSSE. Check the Libraries catalog FIRST for paper holdings and electronic access. Check the Librareis ejournals link only if the catalog does not hold these resources. Some periodicals will be PAPER ONLY.

American Journal of Political Science (AJPS)
American Political Science Review (APSR)
American Politics Research (APR).
Formerly American Politics Quarterly.
Congressional Information Service (CIS) Index HSSE REF 328.73005 C76 (Indexes congressional publications including committee hearings.)
Congressional Record Online from 1995 on

Also online through the  ProQuest. Congressional Serial Set

CQ Weekly-Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report
Congressional Quarterly Almanac
Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents
and its predecessorWeekly Compilation of Presidential Documents
International Security
Journal of Politics (JOP)
National Journal
Political Behavior (PB)
Political Research Quarterly (PRQ)
United States Census of Population

Professor Bert Chapman
Government Information and Political Science Librarian

Subject Specialist