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POL 300 Introduction to Political Analysis: Article Databases

POL 300 Introduction to Political Analysis

Article Databases

Tools for Finding Journal Articles and/or Web Documents

Focus on individual databases like these. Don't waste your time using Google or megasearch databases producing a lot of irrelevant information!

ComAbstracts-Indexes articles from communications journals.
ComIndex-Covers communications journals not covered in ComAbstracts. Unwieldy searching.
JSTOR-Collection of individual humanities and social science journals DO NOT veiw as a one-stop access point for your research!

OECD Ilibrary-Provides access to analysis and data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
NexisUni-Good source for newspaper articles and US. law.
PAIS International-Covers scholarly research in political science, public policy, and some government documents.
Ipoll Databank @ Roper Center for Public Opinion Research-Public opinion data.
Omnifile Full Text Mega-Social Sciences Abstracts-Interdisciplinary access to social science journal articles.
Sociological Abstracts-Sociological journal articles.
Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI)-Database of social sciences scholarly literature citations.
Worldwide Political Science Abstracts-Political science journals.
Women's Studies International-Interdisciplinary coverage in this field.

Brief comparison of JSTOR, PAIS International, SSCI, and Worldwide Political Science Abstracts.

JSTOR-Well organized journal archive with links to full text articles. Advantages include having scholarly articles in mainstream journals. Disadvantages include a moving wall preventing access to articles newer than five years old. Use the Libraries catalog or e-journals database to find more recent articles. Doesn't link to websites.

PAIS International-Provides some full-text links to web documents. Searchable in many ways. Advantages include being able to combine searches and covering a large number of journals. Disadvantages include possibly needing to look for articles in the Libraries catalog or ejournals database.

SSCI-Provides no full text articles. Tells who used whose publications for their research. Advantages include speeding up tracing of the root system used in endnotes and bibliographies. Disadvantages include the possible need to look up all journals in a field and the database not covering all journals.

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts-Provides some full text web documents and articles and databases with multisearch options to journal articles and vetted websites. Advantages include permitting combined searches by narrowing topics and covering a large number of journals. Disadvantages include the potential need to look up journals in the Libraries online catalog and ejournals database.

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