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HIST 361: Violence, War & Militarism in Modern Africa

Provides access to diplomatic, military, and political information on violence, war, and militarism in modern Africa from governmental and non-governmental sources.


Purdue Libraries have access to a wide variety of government and non-government information resources for conducting scholarly research on African military history and policy.  This continent is becoming increasingly important in international security due to the emerging involvement of external powers such as China and Russia along with the long-standing presence of existing powers such as France, the United Kingdom, and United States along with existing enmities between African countries and groups within these countries whose geographic presence often crosses multiple countries.

The Libraries online catalog is a useful place for starting your search and examples of Library of Congress subject headings (LCSH) you can use for such searches includes:

The Catalog of Government Publications is a good source for looking up U.S. Government Publications from July 1976-present with many of these being full text.