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3D Printing at the Library of Engineering and Science


⬅ This is the submission form you will use to submit all 3D print requests.  You can reach the site by clicking here:

If this is your first time submitting, you will need to register your account after you log in with your Career Account info.  Just click "Register" and fill out the fields.

TITLE - This is just a quick reference title for your print.  It can be the same as the file name, or anything else you decide.

NEEDED BY - This box allows you to indicate when you need a print completed.

NB: Prints will be completed in the order received unless you specifically state your print is "No Rush" or similar, in which case we will complete prints with an immediate "needed by" date first.

OTHER INFO - This box is a catch all for any other information you'd like to give us.  There are many things you might want to put into this box.

Dimensions - All .stl files are loaded wtih mm as the unit, which can create some resizing errors.  Any information about the size of the expected print, even approximate, can help us print your item correctly.

 If you don't care about the exact size, and would like us to resize to meet weight limitations, please say so here.

Material - Please select your preferred material type and color.  PLA is suitable for most prints and is what you should select if you don't know what you need.


PRINTER FILE - The file you submit must be in .stl format.  Please note that .stl files are automatically loaded with mm as the unit.  If your file will not attach, or you would like to submit a Cura Project file, hit Submit  without attaching a file and then email the file as an attachment to

Marketing Use - We like to maintain an image library of cool prints, or prints or particular sizes, to show off what we can do.  If you are ok with us using an image of your print (without any attribution or identification) please mark "yes"