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3D Printing at the Library of Engineering and Science

COVID-19 Summer Printing

3D printer with a 3D printed plaque reading

Our printers are heroes! Three of our printers, Vincent, Trombi and Rincewind, were drafted to help with the campus-wide PPE printing effort and sent to KNOY.

This Printer Fought Covid-19 design by wesvh on Thingiverse:

3D printed glasses frames

We were told that they worked 24/7 all summer for the effort,

assembled glasses

and printed thousands of pieces which were used to make googles

assembled face shield

and face shields for Indiana Hospitals.

face shield connectors

We are very proud of our printers. They did good.*

*Most of the credit here actually goes to the grad students, faculty, and staff who ran the printers all summer.  You are all amazing!  Thank you for taking care of our buddies.

50g Prints

50 gram box

Print gallery

Print Gallery


  • use nice camera / light box
  • include Cura image alongside finished product
  • If you'd like your finished 3D print featured here, feel free to send us a photo!