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World War I Libraries Research Guide

Provides access to scholarly resources on this topic including digital government and military documents from multiple countries.

World War I Libraries Research Guide

We are commemorating the centennial of World War I (1914-1918). This conflict resulted in tens of millions of deaths, massive territorial changes, revolutionary political and military changes, and continues affecting the domestic and international politics of numerous countries today. Purdue Libraries provides access to numerous primary and secondary sources on this conflict representing multiple perspectives. This guide will provide information on these resources and access to them in multiple formats.

Sample Library of Congress subject searches you can do to find books on World War I in the Libraries online catalog include:

Most print books on World War I history will be in the Humanities, Social Sciences, & Education (HSSE) Library.  Other print books will be in the Undergraduate Library's HIKS Repository.  Many books are now accessible in varying ebook formats.  Additional sections of this guide will enable researchers to find scholarly journal articles, newspaper article and U.S. and foreign government and military documents.  Additional resources include: