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Standards Resources

This is a basic subject guide to standards resources that are paid by subscriptions, individual purchase, or freely available.

How to Identify International Council Codes (ICC)?

International Code Council (ICC) is a member-organized organization that develops "model codes and standards used in the design, building, and compliance process to construct safe, safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient structures"... it "provides minimum safegards"... [International Code Council]

ICC updates its codes on a regular basis.  A state may work with an earlier version of a code.  For example: International Building Code. See the Indiana Codes tab to identify the appropriate code which is found in Indiana Administrative Code.  The IAC outlines how Indiana implements the code.

  • Identify the year of the code that you need. Currently, Indiana works with the 2014 Indiana Building Code and the 2012 International Building Code.
  • Search for the international code in the TechStreet Enterprise database.   

List of International Codes which may work with Indiana Codes

Indiana Codes are linked from a separate tab.  A state may work with a current or earlier version of an international code or a code from another organization. New updates to four Indiana codes were completed on December 1, 2014.  2015 International Codes will be updated in October 2014. 

Identify the year of the international code that you need before doing your search in Specifications and Standards (IHS Standards Expert).  

The most up-to-date active codes are listed below:

ICC 500 - ICC/NSSA Standard for the Design and Construction of Storm Shelters (Active – 2008)

ICC ADAAG Manual - Guide to the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (Withdrawn - July, 1998)

ICC IBC -  I-Codes: IBC - International Building Code (Active - 2015)

ICC A117.1 - Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities  (Active - 2009)

ICC ICC/ANSI 2.0 - Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards (MHCSS)  (Active -2/1998)

ICC IEAPC - I-Codes: IEAPC - International Electrical Administrative Provisions Code (Active - 2006, 3rd printing, March 2007)

ICC IEBC - I-Codes: IEBC - International Existing Building Code (Active - 2015)

ICC IECC - I-Codes: IECC - International Energy Conservation Code (Active - 2015)

ICC IFC - I-Codes: IFC - International Fire Code (Active - 2015)

ICC IFGC - I-Codes: IFGC - International Fuel Gas Code (Active - 2015)

ICC IGCC - I-Codes: IGCC - International Green Construction Code (Active - 2015)

ICC IMC - I-Codes: IMC -  International Mechanical Code (Active - 2015)

ICC IPC - I-Codes: IPC - International Plumbing Code (Active - 2015)

ICC IPCBFC - I-Codes: IPCBFC -  International Performance For Buildings and Facilities Code (Active - 2015)

ICC IPMC - I-Codes: IPMC - International Property Maintenance Code (Active - 2015)

ICC IPSDC I-Codes: IPSDC - International Private Sewage Disposal Code (Active - 2015)

ICC IRC - I-Codes: IRC - International Residential for One-And Two-Family Dwellings Code (Active - 2015)

ICC ISPSC - I-Codes: ISPSC -  International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (Active - 2015)

ICC IWUIC - I-Codes: IWUIC - International Wildland-Urban Interface Code (Active - 2012)

ICC IZC - I-Codes: IZC - International Zoning Code (Active - 2015)