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Standards Resources

This is a basic subject guide to standards resources that are paid by subscriptions, individual purchase, or freely available.

Information Assistance

If you need assistance determining whether the library has access to a specific standard, please call the Library of Engineering & Science Reference Desk at (765) 494-0831. You may also use the Libraries' Ask-A-Librarian service.

Specific standards not owned by Purdue may be requested via the Library of Engineering & Science's Purchase Request

Standards Organizations

Here are valuable websites from national and international standards organizations:

Database for Print Standards at Purdue

The Library of Engineering & Science has historically subscribed to thousands of print standards approved by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) as well as several standards organizations which are listed with "Major Series."

A catalog of thousands of print standards is contained in the Purdue University Standards Database

Most ANSI standards are shelved in Standards Collection by organization code and number. The collection is in the Library of Engineering & Science (WALC).  These standards are shelved in two series:

  • ANSI Letter Number - Year: ANSI A10.32 - 2004 Fall protection systems - American national standard for construction and demolition operations
  • ANSI/Organization Letter Number - Year: ANSI/AWS A2.4 - 2007 Standard symbols for welding, brazing, and nondestructive examinationStandards with call numbers are shelved after the two series.

Note: Newer purchased standards that are cataloged in Library of Congress Classification are shelved after the ANSI Letter Number Standards. The Purdue University Standards Database will identify these standards.

British standards published before 1985 are housed in Hicks Repository [620.03 B77]. Ask for assistance at the Library of Engineering & Science Reference Desk. These standards may be requested for delivery.

Do you need to double-check if a standard is up-to-date?

You may review basic information about a standard in a subscription database that the libraries make available: Specifications and Standards (IHS Standards Expert)

Also check the Standards Issuing Organization's website.