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Introduction to Scholarly Communication

Intended for graduate students, this guide provides essential information for graduate students to maximize the impact of their scholarly endeavors.

Action Item

Choose a citation management software appropriate for you.

Create a single folder to house .pdfs of papers with citations in your citation management software. 

Citation Management - What is it?

Pretty much everyone has felt the pain of putting together a bibliography in conjunction with a term paper.  While the proper citation of sources is crucial to avoid plagiarism and to establish the credibility of your own work, the actual work is frequently tedious. Citation management software is designed to alleviate the most painstaking aspects of developing a bibliography. Citation management software downloads citations from databases using the .ris file format, allows the attachment of files to the citations to keep track of articles, and enables the in-line citation and creation of bibliography in a variety of publication styles. The citation managers all use the file format .ris for download. 

Citation Management Software Selection

Criteria  Endnote X7EndnoteBasicMendeleyZotero
Cost $105.45 Free  Subscription   Open source software   
Online Storage 1 GB max. 5000 citations 2 GB 100 MB
Organize .pdfs   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Word Plugins    Yes Yes Yes Yes   
Open Office Plugins Yes    Yes Yes Yes
Bibtex friendly Yes Yes Yes Yes
Open Groups No No Yes Yes
Private Groups Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile App/IPad No    No Yes No

There is also a citation manager called Bibtex that is designed to work with the typesetting software LaTex.  Bibtex is both a citation management tool and a file format. This is frequently used in disciplines that are required to publish advanced mathematics equations in publications. Disciplines such as mathematics, physics, electrical engineering, and statistics frequently use LaTex.  If Bibtex presents an undesirable learning curve, all of the packages listed above can output into Bibtex file format. 

Which Software is for Me?

Anticipated Career Software Package
Masters student - no thesis EndNote
Masters student with thesis anticipating going to industry Endnote
Masters student with thesis anticipating PhD       EndNote X7   
PhD student anticipating going to industry    Endnote or Bibtex
PhD student anticipating going to academia EndNote X7 or BibTex