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HIST 302/COM 497: History of Presidential Debate

Provides access to books, journal, articles, statistics, websites, and video webcasts about U.S. Presidential elections.


U.S. Presidential elections are vital parts of American electoral politics and government. They have been described, debated, and analyzed with great emotional passion, acute intellectual analysis, and statistical precision and controversy. Besides written documentation, it is now possible to view video and listen to audio documentation of many of these elections. 

Purdue Libraries has many resources and databases providing information on U.S. presidential debate and elections. Examples of subject headings you can use to search the Libraries online catalog for books on these topics include:

Some publishers produce series of books covering elections and debates. Examples include

Selected Reference Works/Encyclopedias

  • Presidential Campaigns, Slogans, Issues, & Platforms:  The Complete Encyclopedia 3 vols. HSSE REF JK524.R58 2013
  • Political Encyclopedia of United States Regions 2 vols. HSSE REF JK2408.P623 2009
  • Voter Turnout in the U.S. 1788-2009 HSSE REF JK1965.V68 2011
  • America at the Polls 1920-2004:  Almanac of American Presidential Statistics 2 vols  HSSE REF 324.97309921 Am35 2005
  • Encyclopedia of the Republican and Democratic Party 6 vols. HSSE REF 324.273403 En 19 (1997 & 2002)
  • Encyclopedia of Third Parties in America 3 vols. HSSED REF 324.27303 En19