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HNRS 199H: Declassified Collections of Government Documents: HNRS 199H: Declassified Collections of Government Documents

HNRS 199H: Declassified Collections of Government Documents




Declassified Collections of Government Documents: Resources for HNR 199

Do Library of Congress Subject/Subject Word searches in the Purdue Libraries online catalog under "freedom of information-united states" and security classification (government documents) United States" and related terms to find books and government documents on this topic.

Foreign Relations of the United States HSSE Periodicals 327.73 Un32 and

Produced byt he State Department's Office of the Historian, this is the official documentary record of U.S. foreign policy. Volumes are arranged by presidential administration, georgraphic region, and topic area. These volumes are generally declassified and publicly released 30 years after they were written.

National Archives Access to Archival Databases
Provides access to declassified records from many U.S. Government agencies on a limitless variety of topics.

Information Security Oversight Office
This National Archives Office is responsible for administering and overseeing the U.S. Government's security classification program.

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Books
The National Security Archive is a research institution that is part of George Washington University. The Electronic Briefing Books are collections of declassified U.S. Government documents on foreign policy, intelligence, and national security topics from various government agencies.

Justice Dept. Freedom of Information Act
Organization responsible for administering the 1966 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and its 1996 electronic amendments. Features links to various Justice Dept. office FOIA reading rooms.

FBI FOIA Reading Room
Features links to classified files on espionage cases, prominent criminals, and celebrities such as Elvis Presley.

CIA FOIA Reading Room

Provides access to National Intelligence Estimates and other CIA analyses of various foreign countries.

Defense Intelligence Agency FOIA
Provides acces to declassified military intelligence reports on various topics including terrorist detainee treatment documents.

National Security Agency FOIA)
This agency is responsible for cryptographic and signals intelligence operations and analysis. Their FOIA website freatures the text of reports on historic NSA activities such as the Gulf of Tonkin incident, Cuban Missile Crisis, John F. Kennedy's assassination, and the Venona program documenting Soviet espionage in the U.S. from 1943-1980.

Liberty and Security in a Changing World:  Report and Recommendations of the President's Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies (December 2013 Obama Administration report.)

A Citizen's Guide on Using the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act of 1974 to Request Government Records (Periodic manual produced by the House of Representatives Oversight and Government Reform Committee.)

U.S. Declassified Documents Online  (Purdue Users Only!)

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