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EDPS 105: Academic & Career Planning: Getting Started

A career information resource guide.

Discover Who You Are

This website, created by Purdue's Center for Career Opportunities, will take you through the process of choosing a major by matching your interests to Purdue-specific majors. It will also display Purdue majors by Holland Occupational Themes (e.g. Realistic, Artistic, Investigative, etc.)

What Can I Do With This Major?

This website provides ideas for a variety of career options - and includes job sectors, potential employers, and strategies for landing a job - for a wide variety of majors.  

Purdue Majors & Advising

Visit this site for information about all Purdue majors, including lists of majors by College/School, career interest, and personal characteristics. A list of advisors by College/School, including contact info, is here, and CODO requirements for each College/School are listed here. 

Welcome! Course Cood: Mary Beth Lencke

Welcome to the career resources page for EDPS 105! Use the tabs above this box to access different kinds of information related to career planning and research. 


Need help?

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Purdue's Career Wiki

Check out the Career Wiki for links to career guides, resources by major, tips for resume-writing, interviews, finding internships, and more. 

Exploratory Studies

EXPL's site, Exploring Majors and Careers, includes resourcse to help you choose a major, learn about different career options, and learn more about yourself by taking personality and interest inventories and assessments.