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HIST 395 Famines in History: Select Foreign National Government Resources

Will provide access to scholarly governmental and non-governmental resources for this class taught by Professor Doug Hurt during Spring 2020.

Select Foreign National Government Resources

Many foreign national governments have significant and freely available collections of information resource on famines and related conditions within their national territories, territories they controlled, or their responses to famines in foreign countries.  Examples include:

Australian Aid (part of Australia's Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)
DFAT and AusAid Annual Reports

Documents on Australian Foreign Policy (1937-1974)

Australia Dept. of Agriculture

Australia Bureau of Meteorology

Aust. Hansard Parliamentary Debates (House & Senate, 1901-present)

Yearbook Australia 1908-2012

British Hansard Parliamentary Debates (1803-2005)

Current & Recent House of Commons & Lords Hansard Debates

House of Commons Committees (1997-present)

Cabinet Office Papers (1915-1991)

Dept. for International Development

United Kingdom Met Office

Global Affairs Canada

Environment Canada Weather

Hansard Canada Parliament Debates 1867-1996

Current and Recent Canadian Parliamentary Debates

Canadian Parliamentary Committees (House of Commons & Senate)

Statistics Canada Canada Yearbook (1867-1990)

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