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Teaching with PURR Data

Freely available datasets in the Purdue University Research Repository (PURR) that lend themselves to classroom use.

1 - Finding Data

Click any doi in this guide to jump directly to the PURR record for that dataset. You can also search for datasets by clicking the magnifying glass in the upper right. Enter any text into the keyword search, or start entering your search terms in the tags field, and PURR will suggest tags for you.

Search PURR

2 - Downloading Data Bundles

Each PURR dataset has its own web page with descriptive information about the dataset and a download link to access the data files. Before you download a dataset, click the arrow on the download button to preview the file types and sizes.

download dataset bundle button

3 - Accessing Data Files

Each PURR dataset downloads as a zipped folder labeled with the dataset DOI. That folder contains the data files themselves, which are zipped together in one bundle, as well as any gallery images from the PURR page, and a README file with the dataset title, authors and license. You will need to extract or unzip the bundle on your computer to access individual files.

The dataset description shown on the PURR page is not included in the download, so you may want to save that information separately for future reference.

data bundle