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Teaching with PURR Data: Datasets by Subject

Freely available datasets in the Purdue University Research Repository (PURR) that lend themselves to classroom use.


  • Tables recording the impact of phosphorus and potassium on alfalfa nutrition (Volenec 2012). doi:10.4231/D3251FJ7S
  • Transcripts of interviews with agricultural advisors in Indiana, Iowa, and Nebraska about climate issues (Dunn 2017). doi:10.4231/R73776P3


Biomedical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • An engineering classroom exercise using Python to analyze snake feeding data from a local zoo (Witt 2019). doi:10.4231/D7D2-EA24
  • Low-complexity images of street signs (Bouman 2018). doi:10.4231/R7ZP44BW
  • Matlab file demonstrating a data clustering method that may also be viewed with Python or Notepad++ (Tarun 2018). doi:10.4231/R74B2ZJV
Engineering Education


  • Student satisfaction surveys from the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) (Denny 2018). doi:10.4231/R7TM78C6
  • Audio recordings and plain text transcriptions of French philosophy lectures (Deleuze 2018). doi:10.4231/R7SF2TFS


Computer Science
  • Matlab suite of programs for generating orthogonal polynomials and related quadrature rules (Gautschi 2017). doi:10.4231/R7959FHP

Social Sciences

  • Mayan children's growth patterns compared to family composition (deidentified) (Kramer 2016). doi:10.4231/R7J964B4
Political Science

Examples of Helpful Metadata

All datasets published on PURR have metadata (documentation describing data) in their PURR records and within the data files themselves. These datasets have particularly clear metadata that students in any field should be able to understand.

Need more data?

The datasets listed here are not exhaustive, but provide examples of the various data formats represented in PURR's collection. To find more datasets like these, visit

Pro tip: start entering your search term into the "Enter tags" field, and PURR will suggest tags to choose from.