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Systematic Reviews: Further Resources

Describes what a systematic review (SR) is, whether a systematic review is right for you, Purdue Libraries support for SRs, and other resources to help in conducting a SR.

Online training

Introduction to Systematic Reviews Coursera Course - Johns Hopkins.

    4 week course (17 hours of videos/activities)

Introduction to Conducting SR's Cochrane Institute
    1 hour overview module

Introductory Methods Training Campbell Collaboration
    Video lectures, including meta-analysis training

Books on Systematic Reviews

Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions.  Higgins.  John Wiley, 2008. 
 An Introduction to Systematic Reviews.  Gough, Oliver, and Thomas.  Sage, 2017.
 Systematic Reviews in the Social Sciences:  A Practical Guide.  Petticrew and Roberts.  Blackwell, 2006.
 Assembling the Pieces of a Systematic Review: Guide for Librarians. Foster and Jewell.  Rowman and Littlefield, 2017.

 Introduction to Meta-Analysis.  Borenstein.  Wiley, 2009.

Systematic Reviews in non-Medical Disciplines

Conservation and Environmental Management

Pullin, A.S. & Stewart, G.B. 2006. Guidelines for systematic review in conservation and environmental management. Conservation Biology 20(6):1647-1656.

Engineering Education

Borrego, M., Foster, M., & Froyd, J.E. 2014.  Systematic Literature Reviews in Engineering Education and Other Developing Interdisciplinary Fields.  Journal of Engineering Education.  103(1):45-76.

Software Engineering

Biolchini, Mian, Natali, Conte, and Travassos. 2007. Scientific research ontology to support systematic review in software engineering.  Advanced Engineering Informatics.  21: 133-151.