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Systematic Reviews: Further Resources

Describes what a systematic review (SR) is, whether a systematic review is right for you, Purdue Libraries support for SRs, and other resources to help in conducting a SR.

Online training

Introduction to Systematic Reviews Coursera Course - Johns Hopkins.

    4 week course (17 hours of videos/activities)

Introduction to Conducting SR's Cochrane Institute
    1 hour overview module

Introductory Methods Training Campbell Collaboration
    Video lectures, including meta-analysis training

Systematic Reviews in non-Medical Disciplines

Conservation and Environmental Management

Pullin, A.S. & Stewart, G.B. 2006. Guidelines for systematic review in conservation and environmental management. Conservation Biology 20(6):1647-1656.

Engineering Education

Borrego, M., Foster, M., & Froyd, J.E. 2014.  Systematic Literature Reviews in Engineering Education and Other Developing Interdisciplinary Fields.  Journal of Engineering Education.  103(1):45-76.

Software Engineering

Biolchini, Mian, Natali, Conte, and Travassos. 2007. Scientific research ontology to support systematic review in software engineering.  Advanced Engineering Informatics.  21: 133-151.