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CE/EEE 350: Introduction to Environmental and Ecological Engineering

This guide includes resources and information helpful to students taking CE/EEE 350.

Intro to Literature Searching Session

Here is what I covered today:

  • Why are we here?

**Invited to help you prepare for the literature searching aspect of your research projects**

  • What is scientific literature? including:
    • What is the lifecycle of scientific information?
    • What is peer review?
    • What is the difference between primary, secondary, and tertiary literature?​
  • How do you search for scientific literature? including:
    • What can library databases do for you that Google and Wikipedia (most often) can't? ​
    • How do you choose which database to search? (There are 100's!)
    • How do you develop a database search strategy? 
    • How do you successfully input a search strategy into a database?
    • How do you expand searches with too few results AND/OR narrow searches with too many results?

Here is what I didn't get to cover, but you can explore on your own, or ask me questions about at any time:

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