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HIST 302 Arab-Israeli Conflict: British Government Resources

Taught during fall 2017 by Professor Stacy Holden.

British, Australian, and Israeli Government and United Nations Resources

Numerous resources are available documenting the United Kingdom's historic and contemporary involvement in the Middle East.  Examples include:

Australian Army History Unit 1914-1918 World War One  

Australian War Memorial:  Australian government agency commemorating and honoring Australian military participation in the Middle East and other global regions.

Royal Australian Navy Seapower Centre:   Features materials on World War I including Gallipoli campaign.

British Cabinet Papers Near and Middle East   and Cabinet Papers (Cover from 1915-1989)

Foreign Office Files for the Middle East, 1971-1981 (British foreign policy documents on this region Containing diplomatic correspondence, letters, reports, surveys, material from newspapers, statistical analyses, published pamphlets, ephemera, military papers, profiles of prominent individuals, maps and many other types of documents

British Library Middle East Collections

British Documents on Foreign Affairs (Selected series on HSSE Library's 2nd floor)

British Parliamentary Debates 1800-Present (Covers House of Commons and House of Lords)

House of Commons Defence Committee (Covers this committee's activities from 1997-present)

House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee (Covers this committee's activities from 1997-present)

Sir Anthony Eden's Private Office Papers 1935-1946  (Courtesy:  British National Archives) Eden was Britain's Foreign Secretary from 1935-1938, 1940-1945, and 1951-1955 and also served as Prime Minister from 1955-1957)\

UK Treaties Online (Foreign and Commonwealth Office resource featuring the text of British treaties from 1783-2016)

Pathe Newsreels (Non-government:  Historic televised British news stories) Israel and Palestinean Territories collections

Selected Israeli Govt. Sources

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs--Select Historical  Foreign Policy Documents

Winograd Commission Report (Report on Israeli military failures during 2006 anti-Hizbollah operation in Lebanon. Courtesy: Jewish Virtual Library)

United Nations Resources

United Nations General Assembly

United Nations Peacekeeping Operations

United Nations Security Council

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