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Citation Management

Citation management tools help you track and organize the articles you are gathering for your research. Citation management tools also generate in-text citations and references when you connect them to your word processing software of choice, such as Word. They also allow for sharing documents across collaborations. NOTE: In-text citation and reference errors do occasionally occur with citation managers, so always check your citations and references.
Below are two popular, free citation managers, but are only two among others, such as EndNote.

File Naming Conventions

Why Should I Use a File Naming Convention?

A file naming convention (FNC) can help you stay organized by making it easy to identify the file(s) that contain the information that you are looking for just from its title and by grouping files that contain similar information close together. A good FNC can also help others better understand and navigate through your work.
Consider the following examples:

Files without employing an naming convention:

  • Test_data_2013
  • Project_Data
  • Design for project.doc
  • Lab_work_Eric
  • Second_test
  • Meeting Notes Oct 23

Files with a naming convention:

  • 20130503_DOEProject_DesignDocument_Smith_v2-01.docx
  • 20130709_DOEProject_MasterData_Jones_v1-00.xlsx
  • 20130825_DOEProject_Ex1Test1_Data_Gonzalez_v3-03.xlsx
  • 20131002_DOEProject_Ex1Test2_Data_Gonzalez_v1-01.xlsx
  • 20141023_DOEProject_ProjectMeetingNotes_Kramer_v1-00.docx

The files with a naming convention provide a preview of the content, are organized in a logical way (by date yyyy-mm-dd) identify the responsible party and convey the work history, unlike the files without a naming convention.