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HIST 302H: Aerospace History: Archival Research Seminar: U.S. Govt. & Military Resources

Provides access to newspaper and journal articles, scholarly books, government information and military resources, and Internet resources for this class.

U.S. Govt. & Military Resources

Numerous historic and current resources provide information on the U.S. Government and military's involvement in aviation history and policy.  Examples include:

Air University Press Bookstore (Air  University is the Air Force's graduate school and its press' website contains a treasure trove of information on Air Force history, technology, and policy)  See especially, Air and Space Power Journal which has articles going back to 1966.
Air Force Historical Research Agency (Archival Air Force holdiings)
Air Force Historical Studies Office 

Central Intelligence Agency Freedom of Information Act (Read declassified CIA National Intelligence Estimates)
National Museum of the U.S. Air Force
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Aeronautical Maps and Navigational Charts (Paper copies in Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Science (EAPS) Library in Civil Engineering Building Rm. 2215)
National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Aviation  Accident Reports (Completely online from 1996-present.  Some reports dating back to 1967 are digitized or  planned for digitization) NTSB investigates and reports on transportation sector accidents.)
Transportation Dept. Special Collections Library (Includes reports on aviation policy before DOT's 1965 establishment and includes aviation accident reports from 1934-1965)
Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum
Air & Space Museum Udvar-Hazy Center
Federal Aviation Administration
Library of Congress' American Memory Project (Historical material from Library of Congress collections.)

National Reconnaissance Office Center for the Study of National Reconnaissance (Historical studies on spy satellite programs)
NASA History Office (features history on NASA's aeronautical and astronomical programs)
NASA Technical Reports Server(Contains technical reports from 1915-present produced by the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics (NACA)(NASA's predecessor), NASA, and private sector contractors.

Naval History & Heritage Command (U.S. Navy historical resources)
Smithsonian Institution Libraries Digital Library History and Culture(Features aviation-related materials)

Statistical Abstract of the United States (1878-2012)

Civil Aeronautics Board (Historic documents from FAA predecessor agency)

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office  
Purdue's Engineering Library is a Patent & Trademark Information Center.  Use this resource and contact Prof. Charlotte Erdmann for detailed assistance on searching for patents & trademarks.


Congressional Publications   
The U.S. Congress and its committees are responsible for approving new laws, revising existing laws, funding federal aviation programs, and conducting oversight of these programs.  Consequently, they produce tremendous amounts of valuable historical information. ProQuest Congressional is a good place to start since it contains congressional debate transcripts in the Congressional Record and reports on legislation.

Biographical Directory of U.S. Congress 1774-Present (Biographies of all members of Congress)

House Armed Services Committee    
(Hearings from 1947-Present) See HERE for this committee's publications in the Hathitrust catalog.

House Military Affairs Committee (Pre-1947 Hearings)

House Naval Affairs Committee (Pre-1947 Hearings)

House Science Committee  See HERE for this committee's publications in the Hathitrust catalog

House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee    
See HERE and HERE for this committee's publications in the Hathitrust catalog)

Government Accountability Office (Congressional support agency evaluating the management performance of government programs)

Senate Armed Services Committee   
(Hearings from 1947-present.  See HERE for this committee's publications in the Hathitrust catalog.)

Senate Military Affairs Committee (Pre-1947 Hearings)

Senate Naval Affairs Committee (Pre-1947 Hearings)

Senate Commerce, Science, & Transportation Committee 
(Senator Todd Young (R-IN) is a member of this committee.)

See HERE for this committee's publications in the Hathitrust catalog

Senate Committee on Aeronautical & Space Sciences (1950-1974)

Library of Congress Congressional Research Service (2018-present) and University of North Texas Library


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