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HIST 495 Trials in History: U.S. Government Resources

Features information on U.S. and British Government resources for conducting research on historic trials.

U.S. Government Resources

Numerous U.S. Government and commercial resources provide documentary access to U.S. civil, criminal, and military trials including:

NexisUni Contains the text of many U.S. newspaper articles and the text of federal court judicial opinions from 1789-present; the text of U.S. Supreme Court briefs from 1936-present; state Supreme Court opinions from the date the state entered the Union; the text of federal and state laws, and law review articles.

ProQuest Congressional Serial Set 1789-1969 Contains the text of many U.S. Government documents produced by Congress and the executive branch including impeachment trials, some military courts martial, individual pension applications, and various congressional investigations of political scandals.  The Congressional Record section of this resource contains the transcripts of congressional debate and recorded votes from 1789-1997.  See HERE for more recent editions of this publication. An early 2014 addition to this database includes U.S. Executive Branch documents to 1932 not included in the Congressional Serial SEt.

United States Code Complete text of U.S. federal laws.  Broken up into 54 unique titles/subject areas.

Biographical Directory of Federal Judges (Produced by Federal Judicial Center and covers presidentially appointed federal judges 1789-present).

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court resources including Annual Reports-(Courtesy-Federation of American Scientists)

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Rules

Historic Federal Courthouses (Courtesy-Federal Judicial Center)

Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure (Procedural rules to be followed in appellate court cases).

Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure (Procedural rules to be followed in federal bankruptcy court cases)

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (Procedural rules to be followed in federal court civil cases.)

Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure (Procedural rules to be followed in federal court criminal cases.)

 Federal Rules of Evidence (Standards for presenting evidence in federal court cases.)

United States Sentencing Commission Establishes sentencing policies and practices for federal courts.

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces The highest court for U.S. military personnel.  Features the text of legal opinions from Oct. 1996-present.

Manual for Courts-Martial United States (Procedures for conducting courts-marital proceedings.)

Uniform Code of Military Justice (UMCJ) Legal conduct code for U.S. military personnel.