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Citation Management at Purdue

This guide highlights the unique features of citation management software, also known as citation managers.


Zotero has released a web interface called ZoteroBib that is a useful alternative to sites like easybib--you can cut & paste article info to get one-off citations, or to format the references for one paper. It can use any of Zotero's gazillion styles, and there are no ads.

ZoteroBib will store citations you create somewhere in your web browser. It cannot "talk" to your Zotero standalone.

ZoteroBib can be a work-around for popping citations into Google Docs*, if for some reason one wants to avoid adding the EasyBib plug-in. Or perhaps could be used for formatting a WORD paper in a style Microsoft does not provide.

*Zotero developers are aware of the public's desire for functionality within GDocs, but they don't have the programmer bandwidth to take this on right now and/or have other priorities.