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Citation Management at Purdue

This guide highlights the unique features of citation management software, also known as citation managers.

Adding Documents and Citations

Drag and Drop Files

  • Simply drag a PDF or folder from your computer to your Mendeley library.
  • Mendeley will automatically extract metadata for citation, but this is not a perfect system and should be double checked by you.

Import from Websites

Import from Existing Software

  • Easily import an existing library from Endnote, Papers or Zotero from the "File" menu.

Formatting Citations

'Cite while you Write'

  • From the Tools menu within Mendeley Desktop, you can install a Word plug-in to import citations and format them to the appropriate style in your papers

Annotating Documents

Open PDF files in Mendeley.

  • Multiple PDFs can be open simultaneously in separate tabs.
  • Allows for easy navigation between documents in your library.

Easily highlight content and add notes.

  • After making annotations, click on "Sync" to ensure all members of your group can see your highlights and notes.
  • PDFs can be printed or exported with annotations.
  • How to Export Your Annotations