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HIST 395 Politics and Culture in Cold War America: The 1950s: U.S. Government

Provides information from government and non-government resources on this decade in U.S. History.

U.S. Government

The U.S. Government is the world's largest publisher producing information on every subject from accounting to zoology.  Government documents are excellent primary sources for documenting U.S. history and this includes state and local government documents as well as those from the federal government.  Purdue Libraries are a depository for U.S. Government Documents and provide extensive access to government documents from the 1950s.  A variety of subject specific guides to government information can be found here U.S. Government documents are classified using the Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) classification which arranges these documents alphabetically by the agency producing them.  An explanation of this system can be found here.

Catalog of United States Government Publications HSSE Periodicals 016.353 Un36 (Index of U.S. Govt. publications distributed to federal depository libraries like Purdue.  Online indexing 1976-present with more recent resources full text.)
Statistical Abstract of the United States (Annual Census bureau produced publication with statistics from government and private sector agencies.)
Decennial Population Census 1790-2010 (U.S. population and housing Census data and some Census of Agriculture Data)
Historical Office Secretary of Defense (Features reports on this office's operations and weapons system acquisition)
Foreign Relations of the United States (Official U.S. foreign policy documentary collection from State Dept. Historian's Office)
Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library (Documentary materials from his presidency)
Central Intelligence Agency Declassified National Intelligence Estimates (Provided by the CIA's Freedom of Information Act website)
Economic Report of the President (Provides then current presidential administration perspectives on economic conditions.)
FBI Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Provides FBI files on numerous prominent individuals from all walks of life.
Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research (FRASER)-This St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank resource provides access to numerous governmental economic statistical and analytical reports including Budget of the United States Government, Federal Reserve Bulletin, and Survey of Current Business

Local Climatological Data (Weather conditions for selected areas nationally)

"What is a Dollar Worth?" (Courtesy-Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank)

Prices and Wages by Decade (Courtesy-University of Missouri Library)
Harry S. Truman Presidential Library (Documentary materials from his presidency).
Library of Congress American Memory Project (A variety of historical government information resources.)
Monthly Labor Review HIKS Repository 331.09 Un3m (U.S. Labor Dept. periodical providing analysis of labor market conditions.
NASA History Office (Numerous publications on NASA history)
National Archives
Public Papers of the President HSSE Periodicals 353.035 Un27-Features presidential speeches and announcements.
Smithsonian Institution Libraries (Provides access to many digital collections on various aspects of U.S. History.)
U.S. Army Military History Center (HSSE DOC D 114)(Provides history of Army historical developments, events, and personalities.)

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